La Saporita di Giulia

Organic chopped dried tomatoes, capers and EVO oil


Organic chopped dried tomatoes, capers and EVO oil

150g jar

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From a recipe of our mother comes “La Saporita di Giulia”, the chopped dried tomatoes of the mixed heart of bue population of Lazio (ARSIAL), collected in our bio-sustainable garden, organic capers from Pantelleria PGI and our extra virgin olive oil. organic olive green selection.

Our agriculture, certified organic since 2006, is also: + Circular economy recycling, returnable vacuum, recycled paper, company compost, km0. – CO2 emissions Carbon footprint, minimal processing, grassing, techno-ecological drying, ultra-light bottles, the Etruscan cave, ecological weeding with the donkey Jane. – Water consumption water saving, phytoremediation and bio-lake = Carbon Neutral.

Our agriculture is able to eliminate the between emissions and absorption of CO2.
We are Zero Impact!