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A company that has always been organic and sustainable in the heart of Tuscia

We are Certified Organic since 2006. We farm using natural and innovative methods, with no synthetic chemicals. Did you know that agriculture is the third sector most responsible for emissions and climate change?
Trebotti is leader in Italy when it comes to innovation and sustainability. We were among the firsts in the country to measure and certify our wines’ carbon footprint, assessing the environmental impact of our production in terms of climate-altering emissions.


Vini 3S Sostenibile Senza Solfiti


+ Circular economy thanks to: the recycling and reutilization of materials with the project Gocce Zero Waste (use of returnable bottles); our own closed-cycle compost (with soil improving, mulching and anti-erosion properties) from waste to resource; over 90% of our total commerce is zero kilometres.
– CO2 emissions thanks to the use of certified organic natural products, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, minimum tillage, grass cover crop, techno eco-friendly grape withering system, ultra-light bottles and the Etruscan cave.
– Waste of water: by saving the small amount of drinkable water used to clean the cellar which is phytoremediated and stored in the Biolake.
= Carbon Neutral, because our farming is capable of zeroing the ratio between CO2 emissions and absorptions.

We are zero impact!

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